Amazon Data API and more

Axesso is your real-time data API to collect structured information from various sources like Amazon, Walmart, Otto, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

About Us

We have several years of experience across the complete software development cycle with a focus on data driven applications.

The usage of data is one of the key factor to stay ahead of your competitors and driving your business to success. Due to our specialization in the intelligent use of data and our profound experience we can enable your business to reach this competitive edge. Check out our Realtime APIs including Amazon, Walmart and Alibaba data do get an insight in our work and quality and how your business can holistically benefit. Turn your data into advantage!

Our Mission

To transform data into an asset in your business – in an unprecedented manner by leveraging profitability and efficiency. Our clients all over the world trust us and our expertise. Hence we can demonstrate with our solid track record that we are able to satisfy each and every requirement.

Our Aspiration

Customer satisfaction is our top-line priority. Hereby, we keep a very close collaboration with our customers to consistently build and maintain our trust-based and successful business partnerships. All of this goes back to our people who are always striving to satisfy what our clients need.

Business Intelligence

Leveraging and processing data in order to obtain structured information that can help your company to better understand your own business, key competitors and the overall market dynamics.

Robotic Process Automation

Automation of business processes to improve the efficiency of your operations and lower cost.

Web Scraping

Extracting and collecting data from different websites with the assistance of our own software.

Our API selection

We offer various APIs in E-Commerce and Social Media area.

Why choose us

Several companies trust us and our expertise. Our work is based on three cornerstones:

Customer Centricity

Our passion is to maximize our clients satisfaction. We work in an agile environment and we can handle changing requirements to each time.

In Time and Budget

We deliver in time and budget. This is our personal claim!

Response Time

We answer every incoming request within a few hours. The individual contact to our customers is extremely important to us.

Data Quality

100% of our clients are impressed of the quality of Axesso data and service.


Axesso offers a broad variety of services to our clients. Furthermore, we are not restricted to these areas and are able to cover any data driven use cases.

robotic process automation

Automation of different workflows to support and accelerate business processes and activities.

web scraping

Individual scraping of websites and turning the information in structured data including delivery in realtime or batch.

Price Monitoring

Receive data feeds for pricing product availability and more details across different E-Commerce supplier.

Realtime api

Access to different data like Amazon product details via our API in realtime. The usage is described in our documentation.

data delivery

Automated data delivery in any format to any location like FTP, Amazon S3 or Dropbox.

Business intelligence and reporting

Processing and visualization of your business data and providing access to it via a reporting engine like Power Bi.