Pricing & Plans

Choose A Plan That Works For You!

Our Plans are applicable to all of our e-commerce APIs like Amazon, Walmart, Otto, Zalando or Kaufland (for social media API pricing can be found in the API catalog). Simple and straightforward pricing, no long-term commitment.


Don’t find a plan which suits to your requirements? Get in touch with us, we will find custom solution for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us to each time when you have any kind of questions or remarks!

Do you provide a self-service?

Yes, all our APIs can be accessed and subscribed via our self service portal. After sign up you can subscribe to your preferred product and start integrating our API into your application

Which payment option do you offer?

We accept credit card payment.

What happens if I breach the plan limit?

Before you breach your quota limit you will receive a notification via E-Mail. This gives you the chance to extend your subscription and to ensure that your application runs without any interruption.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel any time in the profile section of our portal

Do you offer a free trial for the usage of your APIs?

Yes, all our APIs in our catalog comes with a free trial. The free trial includes up to 100 requests per month depending on the API.

Is the data from your APIs in realtime?

Yes, each request on our API will result in a realtime requests on the appropriate page. There is no database in between.

We promise we don’t send spam!